NCS Global Services LLC

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Quality Spare Parts

With over 50,000 quality-tested parts in stock, odds are, we have the part you need. We are committed to ensuring that our product line offerings meet your reliability and cost requirements and we never substitute parts without your approval. At NCS Global, there are no surprises.

Real People

At NCS Global, highly trained parts experts are available M-F, 9am - 5:30pm to provide you with the help you need to get the part you want. Every part listed on the NCS Global website is in our warehouse and ready to ship to you. We test it, we pack it, we ship it and we guarantee it.

Unwavering Commitment

Our team of professionals delivers outstanding service and accurate information in an efficient and timely manner, making it easier for you to manage multiple projects. At NCS Global, we are dedicated to providing solutions specifically tailored to meet your company's needs.

process overview

At NCS Global, you can be assured that your assets have been placed in the right hands.  We pride ourselves on the efficiency, transparency, integrity and honesty with which we operate our business.

Contact us and let our team guide you smoothly through our secure and environmentally responsible technology asset disposal process. 

Step 1

Take the first step by contacting us by phone or e-mail: 

603.926.4300, Ext. 4 or 1 800.545.ITAD (4823)

Simply describe what you need to dispose of, its configuration and its current condition, and we get started on your customized solution.

Step 2

We will promptly contact you to:

  • Verify your contact information
  • Provide quotes for the value of your assets, their disposal and the associated fees
  • Determine the most convenient and cost-effective method of transporting your e-waste to our headquarters
  • Forward you a comprehensive and customized Asset Recovery and Recycling Services proposal

Step 3

You approve, sign and return the Asset Recovery and Recycling Services proposal .

Step 4

We'll contact you for your credit card information and our accounting department will charge the agreed-upon asset disposal fees to your credit card.

Step 5

We arrange for the shipping of your e-waste to our facility, sending you shipping labels electronically or by another means per your request. Based upon the transportation fee, you may drop boxes at the logistics/shipping site or have items picked up. We will gladly work with your logistics/shipping company to determine a customized and convenient shipping solution.

Step 6

We process all of the electronic assets, thoroughly inspecting and testing each item. We remove all asset tags and completely erase your personal or corporate data from each electronic item submitted. Ultimately, our goal is to re-use or recycle as much of the e-waste as possible, while disposing of scrap with minimal environmental impact.

 Within 30 days of receiving your electronic assets, we will provide you with:

  • A settlement report, detailing what items were recycled and those that were disposed of
  • A certificate of disposal
  • Payment for materials found to have value